Slay the Night YLL Ltd. is an incorporated, non-profit, drag group from Lloydminster, Canada. Starting with our debut PRIDE Performance in June of 2019, the Queens, Kings and Performers of Slay the Night have hosted multiple shows for their local community, as well as various shenanigans, videos, commentaries and more, through Facebook and Facebook LIVE!

With our last four virtual drag shows reaching audience members across North America and into Europe and beyond, and our family continuing to grow with new performers, behind the scene stars, sponsors, supporters, and local and international partnerships, we are THRILLED for what the future holds!

Thank you, once again, to all the wonderful supporters and sponsors who helped make the performance and community work we do, and the fun we have, a reality!

Upcoming Events

Who Let the Gays Out?

We are thrilled to work with The Sticks Billiards & Lounge and SoundWave Entertainment to present "Who Let the Gay's Out" your local Queer-Space gatherings, hosted by Naomi iMoan and Maxx Alicious. Come join us in the backroom of The Sticks on the last Thursday of every month from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.!

No cover - just come for the fun!

Next event: May 26, 2022

Re-Occurring Online Series and Episodes

Happy Maxxidents

"Happy Maxxidents", created and hosted by our very own, and very talented, MAXX ALICIOUS, is re-occurring Facebook LIVE painting show which premiered December 13, 2020. In each episode, Maxx uses his talent, creativity, encouragement, and humour to teach tips and tricks as he takes his audience through a unique painting experience.

Naomi iMoan's Schtuff

"Whatever is going to happen, will happen!" - Naomi iMoan

Tune in once a month for a Facebook LIVE episode where Naomi will do... something!

Baking, makeup, reviews, kikis... the sky is the limit!

Episodes will "air" the third Thursday of the month, at 8 p.m. MST.

Minor-Piece Theater "Dragged Through Time"

Welcome to Minor-Piece Theater! This year, Phoenix will be using audience participation and suggestion to write a novella featuring the Queens, Kings and performers of Slay the Night. Each month, the newest chapter will be read aloud, and at the end of the episode, Phoenix will pose a question for the direction the following chapter will take.

Click HERE to re-watch past episodes and chapters!

Slay the Night KIDS!

Please check out our MADE FOR KIDS, Slay the Night KIDS! YouTube Channel for new monthly content designed, created, performed, and directed by our amazing "Monarchs In Training"!

~ Content Made For Kids, By Kids ~

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