Whether Phoenix (they/them) is unintentionally making you cry during a live performance, or setting up the smaller details with our amazing vendors, their passion for the Slay the Night and it's audience is undeniable. They put a ton of hard hours behind the scenes to get everything ready and still has enough stamina to make you laugh or cry (depending on the performance) at one of our events.

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The Slay the Night crew is all set to put on a magical New Years Eve virtual performance. But little do they know there is more than the usual technological hiccups waiting in the wings...

Hello! Welcome to Minor-Piece Theater. This year, Phoenix will be using audience participation and suggestion to write a novella featuring the Queens, Kings and performers of Slay the Night. Each month, the newest chapter will be read aloud, and at the end of the episode, Phoenix will pose a question for the direction the following chapter will take.